The educational adventure

Every student wants to explore

All the braves are invited to challenge the world-class Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest.

Show their intelligence, innovation, endurance, physical strength, knowledge

and willpower in the 36-hour non-stop contest.

Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest

Do you want to be a leader and contribute to the world in the future? If the answer is yes, then you should think one step ahead and more creatively. In order to make good ideas realized, you have to prepare yourself with physical strength, leadership, broad knowledge and be adventurous. Now, if you think you are qualified for the above features, join us and prove yourself through being the challenger of the Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest.

Although this is a hands-on contest, the Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest adopts the structure of computer role-playing games. With the ingredients of adventure and innovation, not only Taiwan but also many other countries such as Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore and 10 others have already taken it as one of the most important activities every year.

This contest requires students to combine their knowledge, physical strength, hardiness, creativity and teamwork to fulfill the ultimate requirement of many tasks. The best team among the finalists soon will become the new hero among the peer groups. This creative way of utilizing what students have learned at school will make learning more interesting and definitely give students a complete different experience.

We sincerely invite you to join the 16th International Ironman Intelligent creative contest. Once you touch the spirit of the contest, you will love it just as those who had attended before.

What is the Competition?

The Internet Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest is a 36-hour non-stop competition. All the teams must go through several tasks to reach the end of the puzzle. During the process, hands-on work and imagination are equally crucial in tracing the clues. You will utilize what you have learned in school creatively, and challenge yourself and create your own magic. Due to epidemic situation, the contest will adopt internet form to avoid long travel for each team. However, all team members need to be together in order to work out all kinds of requirements.

Be the hero in real life!

During this 36-HOUR period of time, all teams need to work out all problems by themselves. All teams will receive real material package before the contest begins. These are the material needed during the contest at different stages. Some of hand-on work is required to recover the clues from the material package. Also, there are challenges from various tasks to earn “virtual money”. Virtual money can be used to buy virtual materials from “virtual shop”. There are three main tasks and all tasks involve knowledge from natural science, social science and physical fitness. Therefore, teammates must have different specialties.