The most important thing to do is to finish the Main Project. Upon completion of the Project, it will be evaluated by a committee and the score accounts for 95% of the final score.

***New this year***

This year the score of team jubilating will account for 5% of the final score, it will be evaluated by the same committee. But the Creative Jubilating Award is still voted only by teams and the result of voting will give the committee for reference.

Adding up the scores of jubilating and Main Project, the one with the highest score wins the champion. However, all tools and materials used in completing Main Project must be provided by the host or purchased through our web virtual shop. The money used to purchase through the virtual shop must be earned by completing side-tasks. This is the backbone of the whole contest. Basic rules are listed below. A detailed explanation session will be provided for all teams in the evening of July 24.

Team jubilating will take place before the 72-hour non-stop contest in evening of July 25.
Each team has one classroom as its base, sleep bags will be provided. Each team will be completely isolated from the outside world and other teams for 72 hours.
The Main Project usually requires contestants to manufacture a product that have never been seen before. In addition to using whatever they have learned in school, the participants must have physical endurance and good teamwork to work out strategies to meet the requirements of the main project within the 72-hour period.
The Side-task: There are three different kinds of tasks. Natural science, social science and physical fitness and others. Contestants must complete tasks evenly in all three kinds. Everyone can surf internet (the participants can use intranet only) to know each team's performance and record at each side-task.
The Magic card and The Master card: To make the contest more interesting , each team will receive 2 Magic Cards and 1 Master Card. The Magic card can be used to double the virtual money earned on the side-task or get one material not listed in the virtual shop (in limited budget). The Master Card is used to pass the side-task and get the basic virtual money on that misson.