Current Project



The deadline of registration is May 31, 2016. (by Postmark or email)


Past Projects

Again Alive

Main Project

Constructan interactive three-or four-dimensional,multimedia website. The purpose of the website is to save endangered speciesand illustratethe spirit of ecological conservation. When presenting this project, be sure to show how website viewers interact with the website.

Cross-cultural GreenWedding

Main Project

For sustainable survival of mankind, treasuring limited natural resources becomes an inevitable obligation and responsibility to everyone on the earth. In order to deal with this special situation, “Green wedding” with features of low carbon and environmental protection certainly has to rise. Furthermore, different cultures gradually conclude a mutual understanding about coexistence and respect to each other through empathy and communication in a long period of time. As a result, a couple with different cultural backgrounds can get married with the blessings from both families to last lifeline of human beings. Therefore, the “Green wedding”at the same time needs to show characteristic of cross-culture.

Caring for the Visually Impaired

Main Project

Design a public restaurant/diner where the visually impaired can dine alone or independently without the assistance of others.

Innovation and Passing Down

Main Project

Choose a current or past industry, product or operation model within the country and transform it to give it a whole new look.

A Gift for the 22nd Century

Main Project

Create a gift based on human caring for the 22nd century.
1. Make a short film to present and describe your gift.
2. Create an additional explanatory film for the judges.

The Future World

Main Project

Contestants are going to present a Future World after 100 years and have to emphasize what kind of elements could influence development of the Future World. There has to be two symbolic movements in the scene to interpret the elements.

Sustainable and Gratitude

Main Project

Creating an animal who tells a story with the central theme – “Sustainable and Gratitude”. The length of the story should be less than 5 minutes。

Stage Drama—“Home”

Main Project

Construct a stage drama with the central theme—“home.” There should be three acts. Each act must present different scenes, decorations, and names. All acts must adhere to the core concept of “home.”